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A Context for Orchestrating Radical Change

Jerroll Sanders

Future of Black America
Jerroll Sanders

Everyday, Jerroll Sanders leaves an imprint. In her multi-faceted role as chief executive officer (CEO), business process engineer, social problem solver and broadcast commentator, Jerroll has but one goal: Produce measurable outcomes that advance people and organizations. To know Jerroll is to appreciate her attention to detail, rapid-fire abilities when it comes to analyzing, defining and resolving problems and her ever-present focus on quality and excellence.

Jerroll Sanders—a non-attorney—advanced a legal case of "first impression" to the U.S. Supreme Court and authored a one-of-a-kind national policing proposal known by its short name as The Equality in Policing Act; The proposal is formally known as URLEIA (The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act). ONUS, Inc., a non-profit Jerroll heads—is currently working to make the policing proposal law. Sanders is also the Executive Producer of a recently released short film on YouTube titled My Empty Chair: The Jerroll Sanders Story (, which has been received with much applause. The film shines light on the devastation wreaked by black businesses seeking to do business in the federal contracting arena where billions of dollars, and sometimes trillions, are spent annually. Learn more about Jerroll by visiting

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