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Afrorithm and Black Futures - Jade Fabello

Jade Fabello

Futures Gaming - Inclusive Design Thinking and Storytelling - Jade Fabello

Afro-Rithms from the Future Game
ARFTF is an inclusive, design thinking, storytelling game built on the principle of shifting from a center of Western cultural views to alternative future worlds where Black and BIPOC cultural perspectives are at the forefront. The game challenges participants to have a conversation about the future and lift the creative restraints on imagination. Through our live-facilitated sessions, players learn how to harness the Afro-Rithm as a tool for innovation and liberation.

• A brief introduction to the game & Afrofuturism by Dr. Lonny Brooks
• Game facilitation by Ahmed Best
• Curated Afrofuturism pre-reading list
• Optional: Graphic Facilitation of overall themes and ideas generated through gameplay and conversation.
• Optional: Live-Artist rendering of participant-generated objects + 3D rapid prototyping printing of future objects.

Jade Fabello is an Austin-based freelance writer and the operations manager for the Afrorithm Futures Group. A former political public speaker for U.S. senate candidates, Jade has shifted his focus outside the system and now primarily writes personal essays about politics, race, art, grief, and love. He has written for Texas Monthly, Austin Monthly, UT News, Fero’s Magazine, the Brown Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Batshit Times, and more. He is an experienced magazine editor and writing workshop leader, serving as the Senior Print Editor for the Austin fashion publication Spark Magazine. He is also the writer of “I love words and you.” a newsletter that covers the craft of writing.

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