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Diaspora Futures

Nick Lumatalale

Diaspora Futures - Nick Lumatalale

Nick is a senior lecturer at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands. His parents, being part of the Dutch colonial army, were ordered to the Netherlands from the Dutch East Indies and Dutch New Guinea in the 1950s and 1960s after the Second World War at the end of the Dutch colonial era. Ordered, because the situation at the time was complex and politically sensitive. Nick’s ethnic and cultural roots lie in Maluku (the Moluccas) better known as the Spice Islands, which today lies in eastern Indonesia.

In daily life, he teaches at the International Bachelor Programme Creative Media & Game Technologies and the Minor Future of Technology and Society. In his presentation, Nick will discuss the diaspora minorities in the Netherlands, whose ancestral grounds were once part of the Dutch colonial empire. Nick will highlight several organizations that, among other things, are committed to reviewing Dutch historiography from a black perspective and by creating awareness of the contributions of black diaspora minorities for both black people and the Dutch Society as a whole in order to share a better-informed history and stories for future generations to come.

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