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Limits to Growth

Gaya Herrington

Future of Black America - Gaya Herrington

Gaya Herrington, Director Advisory, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk at major accounting firm KPMG. Director Sustainability Services, KPMG. Systems thinker with Econometrics background working in ESG. Gaya analyzes our economic, social, and environmental systems to produce thought leadership and help large organizations make use of our interconnectedness instead of being overwhelmed by it. She leverages international Econometrics, Sustainability, Finance, and international policy making, She capitalizes on complexity and identify smart solutions with minimal side-effects and lasting impact.

Given the unappealing prospect of collapse, I was curious to see which scenarios were aligning most closely with empirical data today. After all, the book that featured this world model was a bestseller in the 70s, and by now we’d have several decades of empirical data which would make a comparison meaningful. But to my surprise I could not find recent attempts for this. So I decided to do it myself.
—Gaya Herrington, Director Advisory, Internal Audit & Entrprse Risk

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