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Will Black People live in the Future Space

Lena M. Young

Future of Black America - Lena M. Young

This research examines Inclusionary Future Space Societies juxtaposed to the generational effects of colonization on Earth’s diminishing resources. Current baseline Futures show Earth’s resources continue to decline and are increasingly inaccessible to many populations. With Earth’s resources dwindling, the dawn of Space tourism here, and Space habitation on the horizon, what does this mean for people who already have limited access to Earth’s resources? Will Space be accessible for them? Space should be open to All. Will it be? Through antiquity, Humankind has conquered one civilization, eroded its resources, and moved to the next. Will humanity carry this colonial mindset into Space? In addition, as Humankind builds settlements in Space, should the word “colonization” intentionally be excluded. This research uses these questions to create the scope of study and explore transformational and preferred Space Societal Futures, culminating with investigating; Will Black People live in Future Space Societies?

Lena M. Young is a Futurist and Research Strategist with a multidisciplinary background including military, real estate, business start-up, and Strategic Foresight experience. She is a critical problem solver who brings dynamic perspectives to any situation, with diverse contexts – such as military and civilian environments. Lena is a Specialist in developing complex training and specialized in various weapons, radars, operation systems, and lifesaving procedures. As a Foresight practitioner, she is adept in horizon scanning, scenario planning, forecasting, and strategizing Futures Scenarios for long-term government and commercial strategic planning and capacity building. Her strengths as a Foresight Professional are using ideation techniques that promote collaborative innovation forecasts with multiple perspectives to plan for plausible and preferable futures scenarios. She is a current Ph.D. candidate for Creative Leadership for Innovation and Social Change-Specializing in Educational/Academic Leadership for Change. Her dissertation focuses on Equitable Space Societies 200-300 years in the Future. She also holds a Master's of Science in Strategic Foresight, a Bachelor's of Science as a Training Specialist for Occupational and Technical Studies, and an Associate's of Science in Business Administration.

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